What is Aight?

What is Aight?

An Introduction to Aight of Spaides

Aight of Spaides (both "ai"s are pronounced like the vowel in "like") is a Nomic card game. All Nomic games allow their rules to change in certain well-defined ways. The original Nomic game was created by Peter Suber, and can be found at his Nomic website. A Nomic FAQ is also available.

Aight of Spaides is extremely similar to both Mau and Bartog (both of which are described on the Nomic FAQ page). It was created sometime between June 19 and June 21, 2000, by Robert Barrington Leigh, Alex Fink, Ralph Furmaniak, and Olena Bormashenko at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, based on a version of Mau being played there at the time.

Aight of Spaides Unofficial Instructions.
Aight of Spaides Rules.

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